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Major Canadian Publishers

Posted on August 16, 2010 at 2:51 PM
Canada's most prominent publishers (excluding Canadian branch operations of the foreign conglomerates) consist of the following established houses: 
  • Key Porter Books (Toronto, ON); est. 1979; 100 titles/year
  • McClelland & Stewart (Toronto, ON); est. 1906; 80 titles/year
  • D & M Publishers (Vancouver, BC); est. 1970; 50-65 titles/year
  • Raincoast Books (Vancouver, BC); est. 1979; 60 titles/year
  • ECW Press (Toronto, ON); est. 1974; 50 titles/year
  • Broadview Press (Peterborough, ON); est. 1985; 40 titles/year

In addition to general trade and academic publishers, Canada also has several large children's book publishers, such as:  

  • Tundra Books (Toronto, ON); est. 1967; 35-40 titles/year
  • Kids Can Press (Toronto, ON); est. 1973; 60 titles/year
  • Orca Book Publishers (Victoria, BC); est. 1984; 60 titles/year

Broadview is an academic press specializing in the humanities and social sciences. M & S is co-owned by the University of Toronto and Random House, while Kids Can Press is owned by Canadian media and entertainment company Corus Entertainment, Inc. The country's oldest children's publisher, Montreal's Tundra, was bought by M & S and moved to Toronto. All others remain independent.

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