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Canadian Literary Agents

Posted on August 9, 2010 at 1:22 PM
Naturally, most literary agents are located in Toronto in close proximity to the country’s major publishing houses. A few established agencies have been omitted due to closed rosters unable to accommodate new clients, but the majority of prominent agencies with their key representatives are listed here: 
  • Acacia House Publishing Services (Brantford); Frances or Bill Hanna
  • The Bukowski Agency (Toronto); Denise Bukowski
  • The Cooke Agency (Toronto); Elizabeth Griffin
  • Arnold Gosewich, Literary Agent & Consultant (Toronto); Arnold Gosewich
  • Anne McDermid & Associates (Toronto); Anne McDermid
  • Pamela Paul Agency (Toronto); James Gordon — referral required
  • Beverly Slopen Literary Agency (Toronto); Beverly Slopen
  • Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency (White Rock, BC); Carolyn Swayze or Kris Rothstein
  • Transatlantic Literary Agency (Toronto); Lynn Bennett
  • Westwood Creative Artists (Toronto); ?
  • Woolf & Lapin (Montreal); Stephan Dubreuil — email only

For extensive listings, consult Writer’s Digest’s 2010 Guide to Literary Agents.

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