Brandon Marlon


Hollywood Screenplay Competitions

Posted on August 9, 2010 at 1:20 PM
In the last decade screenplay contests became ubiquitous, and with a glut of competitions in Hollywood and elsewhere saturating the marketplace already some prominent initiatives have become defunct (Chesterfield, Hollywood Gateway, American Accolades, etc.) The best of the surviving ones, along with their annual deadlines, are:


  • Nicholl Fellowships (May 1)
  • Big Break (March 1)
  • Fade In Awards (August 1)
  • Page International Screenwriting Awards (January 15)
  • Scriptapalooza (January 5)
  • Script Pipeline (May 1)
  • Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition (June 30)
  • American Screenwriting Competition (November 15)
  • Writers On The Storm Screenplay Competition (April 15)

Some of the better non-Hollywood competitions include:


  • Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition (May 15)
  • Monterey Screenplay Competition (May 19)
  • Praxis Spring Screenwriting Competition (November 15)
  • Praxis Fall Screenwriting Competition (June 25)

Most competitions have staggered deadlines (early, regular, late, final) with costs rising the later the submission. More and more are converting to e-submissions only, often using the popular Withoutabox system. Certain contests are becoming irregular due to budget constraints or other considerations, including Writers On The Storm and Monterey Screenplay Competition.

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